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How it works

Anthony Foster has worked as a professional artist for 30 years producing art to commission. Each commission is a unique reflection of the client’s individuality and tailored to meet their specific needs.

Through initial consultations and on-site visits, Tony ensures that each piece perfectly fulfils not only the client’s creative intentions, but also the physical requirements of the interior. Whether you are considering a private or commercial work, figure painting or contemporary abstract, Tony can create a piece to meet your specifications.

The commissioning process begins by taking the client’s first ideas and developing them through a series of sketches, helping to decide the best direction to take, and one that fits within their budget. Once these are approved, a firm idea of cost can be given. 

Prices can vary depending on size, content and detail. As jobs tend to differ, it’s impossible to give an accurate idea of cost until details have been discussed. Apart from the inevitable minor changes during a project, the final sketch provides an agreed ‘blueprint’ for the final painting, and so is in itself a contract for both client and artist

Murals Gallery

This gallery is just a partial sampling of Tony’s most recent work. Click on any gallery image to open a full sized version in a new window.

  • The appeal of murals

    The appeal of murals

    From the latin mūrālis, meaning ‘of the wall’, murals have been around for millennia. In fact, they are one of the oldest forms of human expression. Think Paleolithic cave art. Their appeal is in making a dramatic artistic statement. And when they’re applied to the exterior of a building, that statement is public. In this… Read More »The appeal of murals